Senior Deadlines Checklist
June 2017 Graduation
If you miss one deadline you will need to set up a conference with your advisor to explain why and create a plan. Failure to meet a second deadline will result in coming before staff to determine your graduation status.

Submit Senior Project Concept to Advisor September 16

Concept returned with staff feedback September 30

Identify Community members, convene the first meeting and give signed copies of the final revision of the Senior Project Proposal to Office Secretary, School Counselor and committee members. November 4

Submit Personal Reflection Essay & Resume to the School Counselor November 18

Provide written summary of work to date to committee members and confirm that the students on the committee are in good academic standing January 20

Visit Ext. Classes to update them on your progress “Senior Showcase” January 27

Submit drafts of written portions of project, including senior journal for Advisor to review and provide feedback March 24

Schedule Final Senior. Project Committee Meeting & advise Office Secretary April 28

Deliver project materials to committee members 10 days before meeting

Meet with SWW advisor to plan final meeting and rehearse presentation As scheduled

Last day to hold final Senior Project Committee meeting May 31
Submit original Committee member reports and copy/pictures of project to office. Three days following meeting

Student MUST participate in Senior Project Showcase Night and Day June 8 & 9