Senior Deadlines

The Senior Project is a serious requirement of your final year at SWW. As a part of the project, every senior MUST maintain a written Senior Journal documenting the process at least two times per week. Each Senior Journal entry must be, at minimum, one page in length. This timeline is critical for success. Failure to meet ONE of the deadlines could result in your graduation date being pushed back. Read it; know it; live by it.

If you require an extension for any deadline, you must meet with your Advisor BEFORE the deadline to request an extension.


Detailed Description of Deadlines

* By the third Friday in September: 9/16/16 *
Submit the concept (sect. A & C of Senior Project Proposal form) for your Senior Project to your Advisor in writing, including the name of the second staff member and the students who will be on your committee.

* By the last Friday in September: 9/30/16 *
SWW staff will discuss and approve or reject your project concept and provide you with feedback to assist you in developing the final proposal.

* By the first Friday in November: 11/4/16 *
Identify Community Experts and provide them with a copy of the Senior Project Information Letter.

Convene the first meeting of your Senior Project Committee. At least five members of your committee must be present at this meeting. During the meeting, your committee will work with you to identify specific goals for your project and resources you will be expected to use to meet those goals. At THIS time, based on the recommendations of your committee, the final version of your Senior Project Proposal should be drafted. Then all required signatures should be obtained, including: your Advisor, your Community Experts, Parent/Guardian, and the SWW Principal (please have your Advisor bring a laptop to this meeting to update proposal form to obtain signatures).

Give copies to the office, your School Counselor, and each of your committee members. (Copies of final Senior Project Proposals will be posted).

If any member of your committee believes that you are not following or meeting the terms of your proposal, s/he will be responsible for informing your Advisor, who will take appropriate measures to attempt to correct or resolve the situation.

* Submit Personal Reflection Essay & Resume to your
School Counselor: 11/18/16 *
FINAL copies of your essay and resume are due to Jamie Salatino,
SWW School Counselor in preparation for Senior Exit Interview Day!

* By the third Friday in January: 01/20/17 *
Provide a brief, written summary of your work to date on your Senior Project to all members of your committee. Your Advisor will determine whether you need to hold a meeting in addition to providing a summary.

Confirm with your Advisor that your voting student committee members are in good academic standing. If they are not, you must identify replacement students, who are in good academic standing.

* By the fourth Friday in January: 01/27/17 *
Visit extended classes to update them on the progress of your project. This is also called the Senior Showcase.

* By the Third Thursday in March: 3/24/17 *
Submit typed draft(s) of any written portion(s) (including Senior Project Journals) of your Senior Project to your Advisor. Follow-up with your Advisor to receive feedback and any revisions that need to be made.

* By the last Friday in April: 4/28/17 *
Arrange the date, time, and place of your Final Senior Project Committee Meeting (this final meeting must be held before June 1st!!) and confirm it with your committee members.

Notify the office of the date and time so it can be placed on the official school calendar.

* At least TEN DAYS before your Final Senior Project Committee Meeting *
Deliver to each committee member the following:
~Written confirmation of the date, time, and place of your final meeting after arrangements have been made.

~All written portions of your project and any other easily distributed materials are to be reviewed by your committee members prior to the final meeting. (this can be done through email, Google Docs, blogs, etc…)

~All products that are not distributable must also be available for review 10 days prior to the meeting.

Your work must be in its final form and you will be held
accountable for any errors or omissions. Meet with your Advisor to plan your presentation to the committee.

* Prior to Final Committee Meeting *
Rehearse your presentation!!!

Your Advisor will help you obtain and prepare the committee member report forms and sheets (These are double-sided).

* By the last day in May: 5/31/17 *
Hold Final Senior Project Meeting!

* Within THREE DAYS following the Final Meeting *
Submit a copy of all Senior Project materials to the office for permanent records.

Additional Stipulations

You MUST participate in Senior Project Showcase Day /Night on June 8th to be eligible to participate in the SWW graduation ceremony.

You MUST participate in Senior Project Showcase Day on June 9th to be eligible to participate in the SWW graduation ceremony.