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    Social Studies

    SWW Extended Class Descriptions 2016-2017
    Beauty and Fashion Advisor: Mary Mon
    “Imperfection is Beauty” -Marilyn Monroe
    Students will be expected
    All SWW extended class students are required
    to do the following:do:
    5 journal entries weeklyJournals a week
    Bi-weekly conferences
    Decision making
    CPR (circleCircle of powerPower and respect)
    40 articles/year
    Read 40 articles

    Bi-weekly writing group
    in ALL All-SchoolAll School Read assignments

    research project
    1 additional

    book read relatingper year related to extended class topic
    Community service
    What makes someone beautiful? What is beauty? How can someone express their inner beauty? This course will begin by examining the definition

    Personal Reflection Essay
    The World
    of beautyMedicine: Disease, Injury and its impact on society. Students will learn about the beauty standards in different cultures around the worldTreatment
    Teacher: Dan Sullivan
    Credit: 1.5 elective
    and compare them to our own ideas of beauty. Students will develop their own definition of beauty0.5 physical education
    How do infectious
    and what it means to be beautiful. We will also look into how fashion, modeling and cosmetics are all integral parts ofgenetic diseases attack the beauty industry. Students will learn about current event topics including, but not limited to, colorism,body? How does the prevalence of body disorders in the fashion/modeling industryrespond to these conditions? What happens when injuries occur, such as broken bones and inequalities withinheart attacks? What happens when the modeling industry. Studentshuman body actually dies? We will be introduced toexplore the science behind beauty productsworld of medicine, how many of these conditions play out, and learn about new revolutionary technologies that are helping further advance the beauty industry. Therehow medical treatments can correct and perhaps cure these conditions. We will also beexamine what it takes to become a focus on learning about the different careers relating to beauty such as fashion, clothing design, cosmetologynurse, doctor, dentist, mental health professional, and modeling.
    Career Exploration Advisor: To
    much more. Be Determined
    Ext. Class requirements:
    5 journal entries a week
    Bi-weekly conference
    Decision making
    Read 40 articles a year
    Bi-weekly writing group
    Participation in all school read and all activities
    One research project related
    prepared to extended class topic
    One book connected to extended class theme
    The increasing value of education in a global economy indicates that high school students must prepare to compete globally. These are tough economic times.Today; there are millions of unemployed
    perform exciting laboratory investigations, discover how X-ray/MRI/CAT technologies work, and underemployed Americans. Yet we have millions of jobs that go unfilled – millions of jobs that Americans are unqualifiedtake field trips to fill. If these jobs cannot be filled by Americans, what can you imagine American corporation will do to fill these jobs? Wouldexamine the jobs go to other countries such as India, China, or Mexico? If you are genuinely interested to learn the careers that are in high demand, this class will help you explore the many career options that fit your value, interest and strengths. Taking this class may be a startfield of a long journey towards learning about yourself, your strengths, skillsmedicine and career options .Having the opportunity to examine these important self- discovery issues while still in high school will enhance your post-high school decisions. Through research, class discussions, readingsmedical technology.
    Black Lives Matter
    Teacher: Windsor Asamoah-Wade
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective
    and guest speakers, students will learn to analyze the global economy, because understanding what a globalized economy looks like0.5 physical education
    Black Lives Matter
    is an activist movement which began as a crucial head start to a career choice, to surviving and even thrivinghashtag (#BlackLivesMatter) after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the global economy.
    Life as
    shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an Adult Advisor: Adrienne LaLiberty
    Extended Class Requirements:
    · 5 journals
    · Bi-Weekly Conferences
    · Participation
    unarmed African-American teenager in Decision Making
    · Participation
    Florida in Circle of PowerJuly 2013. The movement became more widely known and Respect (CPR)
    · Read 40 articles a year
    · Bi-weekly writing group
    · Read one book
    · Complete one research paper
    · Read “All School Read Novel” and complete all assigned work associated with it.
    Do you ever wonder what it takes to a successful adult
    popularized after two high-profile deaths in our society? How many graduates are struggling because they didn’t learn important life skills2014 of unarmed African-American men (Eric Gardner in high school? How do relationshipsStaten Island, NY and communicating help or hurt youMichael Brown in Ferguson, MO) at the future? What are somehands of the responsibilities that adults face?
    This course will be dedicated to learning about adult life. We will focus on healthy/unhealthy relationships and family planning. We all have those moments and those people
    police officers who put us over edge. How do we maintain your cool, get our point acrosswere ultimately not indicted. Since August 2014, ongoing local and get what we need out of situation? We will learn about effective ways to communicate in tough emotional situations.
    We will learn about budgeting
    national protests and dealing withother actions-often sparked by the curve balls life throws your way. You will be empowered and able to make educated financial decisions through every stage in your life. You will build confidence, apply practical skills, and exhibit sensible behaviors related to money management. You will leave this class with life skills that will help you in become a responsible successful adult in our society.
    Technology Advisor: Deb Rowe-Jarrett
    Extended Class Requirements:
    5 Journal Entries Each Week
    Bi-Weekly Conferences
    deaths of Power and Respect [CPR]
    An Article Each Week (40 Total)
    Bi-Weekly Writing Group
    All School Read’ Book, Research Paper and Project
    An Extended Class Research Project
    An Extended Class Book
    How does it influence my daily life? What would my world be like without it? Has technology changed how I live, learn, play and interact with others?
    This technology class will teach you
    other unarmed African Americans-have brought the technical skills neededmovement to become proficient with popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, ArcMaps,the public consciousness and ArcGIS Online. It will also offer many career explorations in the technology field. Featured guest speakers, throughout the year will: address the numerous technology-related professions, right here in Rochester;conversation. Black Lives Matter which originated as well as, discuss how to connect with local professionals to be considered for paidhashtag on Twitter and unpaid internships leading to a potential future career opportunity.
    Addictions Teacher: To Be Determined
    Is there something in your life you cannot live without? This is
    social media, has since evolved into a “movement”.
    class that will explore howthe historical events that somethinghappened in the 20th century that you cannot live without, whatever that may be, hasled to the possibility to take over a person’s life. This class will delve into addictions, obsessions, fetishes,election of Barack Obama as President of the United States and dependencies.the creation of the”post racial” myth. We will attemptexplore through spoken word, readings, films, listening to answer such questionsthe views of the “young lions” such as “Why are drugs addictive?”, How do fetishesTrevor Noah and addictions arise?”, “What isJessica Williams the best cure for an addicted person”, “What would happen if drugs were legalized?”,HOW, WHAT and “ShouldWHY of the government pay for rehab for addicts?” During the school year, each student increation of this class must participate in all ofmovement by the all-school read activitiesmillennium generation.
    and papers, including the project, write in his/her journal five times per week, completeKids
    Teacher: Mary Mon
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and 0.5 physical education
    In “Babies and Kids” we will be focusing our studies on child development. Students will build
    a writing group paper every other week, participate in bi-weekly conferences, complete one research project based on the topicpositive understanding of addictions, readchildren’s growth and complete activities on 40 articles,development and participate in decision-making.
    The Thrill
    a solid foundation of Victory, the Agonyparenting skills. Students will learn theories of Defeat – The Wide World of Sports! Advisor: Windsor Asamoah-Wade
    development and growth as well as techniques to use when the great scorer comes to write against your name He writes not if you won or lost but how you played the game.” Grantland Rice
    Requirements: Five reflective journal entries per week, bi-weekly conferences, Circle of Power
    working with children through class activities, presentations, discussion, videos, guest speakers and Respect, Decision Making, read 40 articles, completion of 1 research paperfield trips. The major topics will include pregnancy, teen pregnancy, prenatal care, birth and the reading of one book related to the extended class topic. Participation indelivery, infancy and the completion of all assignmentstoddlerhood, general parenting skills, and child abuse. This will be a great class for the All-School Read.
    How do you stay healthy
    anyone interested in being a fast food world ? Can you seeteacher, daycare provider, nurse, doctor or parent. It also is a possible solution to the differencegreat foundation for students interested in pay between malepsychology, sociology and female athletes? Ishuman development.
    It Takes a Revolution
    Teacher: Walter Jahnke
    Credit: 1.5 elective and 0.5 physical education
    Are we entering a time of revolution? Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump-- what do they share in common? Fracking, Solar Power, wind power-- what do they share? Will
    there be a double standardrevolution from climate change? GMOs, genetically modified, food and flowers we admire each day what do they share? Black Lives Matter and protests for behavior when it comes to athletes breaking the law? Whyand against immigrants what do pro athletes make much more money than law enforcement officers, engineers, teachers or social worker? Have athletes replaced parents as societal role models? How do you become a world class athlete? What are some sports you don’t know that are played ?
    These are some possible essential questions this class will explore.
    they share? The world of amateur and professional sports now dominate the entertainment world. The cult of personality – MJ, Messi,
    Syreeta, Renaldo, Kobe, A Rod, Tiger, etc. makes them societal icons. The NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL
    has created multi-millionaires that are admiredexperienced multiple revolutions from popular uprisings, governments, agriculture, food, religion, immigration? How and adored by millions. So put on your favorite team jerseywhy do wars start and comehow do they affect people and investigategovernments? The French Revolution, the bright and dark side1960s were a time of revolution, the world of sports.
    Music: From Classical to Hip-Hop Advisor: Dan Sullivan
    Extended Class Requirements (these are for ALL extended classes)
    - 5 journal entries weekly
    - Bi-weekly conferences
    - Decision making
    - CPR (circle of power and respect)
    - 40 articles/year
    - Bi-weekly writing group
    - Participation in All-School Read assignments
    - 1 research project
    - 1 additional book read relating to class topic
    - Community service
    Do you love to listen to music? Do you love to dance, sing, or play an instrument? Do you enjoy going to concerts? Are you curious about other music from around
    Women’s Movement, the world? Are you interested in trying to play a music instrument? If so, this isBlack Panthers, the Weather Underground, the class for you!
    We will explore many types
    Green Revolution, the food revolutions of music through listening, creatingthe 60’s, 70’s and connecting with local performers. By80’s. What are the endhistorical basis of revolution? How has the year, you will have gained an understanding forpast influenced the many facets of music. Here are some of the experiences youpresent? We will have in this extended class:
    - Listen to and learn about many types
    explore revolutions of music, from modern urban music to older styles from all around the world.
    - Invite local performers to come
    past and play music in the classpresent, and for SWW. You can meet and participate with local artists and get an in-depth music experience.
    - Explore how
    what are the music business works, from record labels to recordingcauses and advertising
    - Create playlists to share with you classmates and friends
    - Learn
    the basicsresults of written musicrevolutions? We will start each day with 15 minutes of yoga.
    Culture Club Dance, Music
    and learn how to read sheet music
    - Explore careers in music, such as music therapy, recording
    Teacher: Mary McGohan
    Credits offered:1.5 elective
    and producing, writing and composing, television and radio and many others possibilities.
    - Be encouraged
    0.5 physical education
    Have you ever wanted
    to play an instrument, sing andtake a dance
    “Don’t Tase Me Bro” Advisor: Pavatsath "Wasa" Bouphavong
    Extended Class Requirements:
    1) All students required to do 5 journals per week
    2) Bi-Weekly Conferences
    3) Decision-Making
    4) CPR (Circle of Power
    class? Enjoy listening and Respect)
    5) 40 Articles Per Year (10 per quarter)
    6) Bi-Weekly Writing Group
    7) Participate in all-school read and all assignments/projects
    8) 1 research project related to our extended class topic
    9) 1 additional book to read related to our extended class topic
    What is law? How
    analyzing music? Wonder the history behind where we are laws made? What roles can you playnow in influencing lawmakers? How is our legal system organized? How can you findterms of performing arts? In Culture Club Dance,Music, and get help from a lawyer? How do you become a lawyer? DoMore we need laws?
    These questions and more
    will be examined throughout the year in this extended class. You will be performing weekly mock trials, which involve debating, researching and role playing what really happens inexplore a courtvariety of law. You will also be abledance styles, listen to serve as jurors in Rochester Teen Court where youmusic of all genres, and learn about restorative justice and punitive justice and also make a difference in your peers lives. Lastly, field learning will take place atcareers associated within the Hallfields of Justice, Teen Court, Telesca Center for Justice, various prestigious law firms, the Monroe County District Attorneyperforming arts. We will learn through class activities, discussions, field trips, guest speakers, and Public
    Defender’s office as well. Lastly, the
    movies. This class will watch films about the lawis great for anyone that has ever wanted to better understand the topic....So be preparedlearn dance basics, loves music, wants to developexplore careers associated with dance, music, and use the skills that you will need for the rest of your life!!
    Showstoppers Advisor: Aylin Rivera
    acting fields.
    Young Authors
    Teacher: Mariana
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective
    and Mariana Barry (this is ONE choice)0.5 physical education
    Have you dreamed ofever read a life in the spotlight?book and thought, “I could do that better,” or “I wish I had come up with that idea?” Or ever wondered how costumes and sets camemaybe you have been dying to be? Or dreamed of seeingtry your hand at poetry, play writing or begin your written words come to life ? This coursefirst novel. If so, this is an introduction to the fundamental skills of drama, which explores the technical elements of theatrical production. This includes playwriting, acting, directing, sets, lights, costumes and sound.class for you. You will have the opportunity to work within different student groups. You will also be closely working with local actors, singers, dancers and fashion designers. Students will train in specific exercises to develop concentration and imagination through the use of improvisation, scene work, monologues, and group work. Additionally, we will practice character analysis andread best-selling young adult books, write your own short stories, learn how to create dramatic characters. We will studywrite and discussSLAM poetry, and then decide as a sampling of selected plays that demonstrate distinctive kinds of dramatic structure suchclass where to go from there (classic literature, books as climatic and episodic, mythology, the sky is the limit). You will be required to attend two performancesparticipate in SWW SLAM at the Auditorium Theater, as well as performances at GEVA and Schoolend of the Arts. Our goal will be to present a production for School Without Walls. As a requirement of Extended class you will be required to complete 5 journal entries a week, participate in bi-weekly writing groups, read 40 articles (monologues, scenes et cetera) per year, complete one theater based research project, read one play, participate in conferencesTriad, PE, decision-making, and decision makingThe Rochester Broadway Theater (attendance at 2 plays is mandatory).
    and participate inBeauty
    Teacher: Erica Favaloro
    Credits offered: 2.0 elective
    Throughout history, fashion has greatly influenced
    the All School Book Read.
    Culture, Religion, and Food Advisor: Walter Jahnke
    Course Requirements:
    -5 pages
    “ fabric “ of journal per week
    -Bi-weekly conferences
    -Bi-weekly writing group assignments
    -School Wide Read and assignments
    -Read at least 40 articles a year
    -Read 1 book a semester
    -Research project each semester
    -Current events journal
    Should Muslims be allowed into
    societies all over the country? Should we build a wall separatingworld.
    Mark Twain once wrote “ clothes make
    the US from Mexico? What are the many cultures that existman.” Beauty is in the world? How is culture affected by religion? Geography? History? What are the various religions? How did these religions change over time and affect the cultureeye of the area? How does religionbeholder, and geography affect the choices of foodcan be fleeting, but fashion never gets old. Let’s learn how fashion and food preparation? In this class we are going to look at the religions and cultures around the world, how historical events affected eachbeauty change from one part of the areas and how it transformed the cultures, religions and traditions.
    world to another.
    We will examine various foods ofstudy different time periods, and the region, the techniques and methodsdifferent styles of making the food and the resources that affected how and what is prepared.dress associated with those time periods. Projects will include sketching your own designs, as well as researching famous design houses. We will keepalso learn about what it takes to be a model, as well as a daily current events journal on events happening around the world, do weekly writing assignments and research papers on world cultures, religions and designer.
    Crime and Punishment Advisor:
    Gil Rosa
    All SWW extended class students are required to do:
    -5 journals a week
    -Bi-weekly conferences
    -Decision making
    -Read 40 articles
    -Bi-weekly writing groups
    -Participate in all school read
    -1 research project
    -1 book per year connected to extended class

    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education

    Many of our ideas of crime and punishment either come from media or our environment. What if you found out that many of the ways we look at the criminal justice system are not accurate? In pursuit of the American Dream, many criminals and/or law enforcement agents blur the lines of what is right and wrong. This class will focus on the role drugs, organized crime and the criminal justice system play in Rochester and across America. After studying various aspects of the criminal justice system, we will visit a prison, meet with several different law enforcement agencies and view several trials.
    What’s Up Doc? Advisor: Karen McCann
    All SWW extended class students are required
    Teacher: Mike Montesano
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education
    Have you ever wondered what it would be like
    to do:
    -5 journals
    run your own business? Have you ever asked the question, how are businesses run and operated? Do you have a week
    -Bi-weekly conferences
    -Decision making
    -Read 40 articles
    -Bi-weekly writing groups
    -Participate in
    hobby that you think can turn into a successful business? These are questions that we will look into within our business/entrepreneurship extended class. We look at business plans, business models, sales, advertising, the importance of social media for your business, legality, start-up costs, and all school read
    -1 research project
    -1 book per year connected
    the aspects that it will take to extended class
    run your own business. We will go on field trips to businesses locally and see several kinds of businesses and what they do and how they are operated. We will also have guest speakers come in and give their insight on what it is like to own their own business.
    Serial Killers
    Teacher: Aylin Rivera
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education
    Many of
    the sciencemost terrifying acts of violence are committed by serial killers. Those who have been captured appeared to have normal lives. Many were attractive, accomplished contributing members of the community, until their brutalities were discovered. Always looking for the next victim, murderers continue killing because they are never satisfied by their bloody deeds. Their demented motivations and practicebizarre techniques, land serial killers among the most frightening criminals in history. This course will explore the biological, cultural, psychological, and sociological makeups of a serial killer as an explanation for constructing possible motivations for serial murder. The process for diagnosing and the treatment for serial murderers will also be examined. Lastly, the diagnosis, treatment,tracking and preventioncapture of disease. So thereforeindividuals who kill in serial fashion will be looking into howdiscussed. These killers present a special challenge within the body workscriminal justice system and how disease affectsforensic science field because above all, a serial killer is by definition a successful murderer. In conjunction with Gil’s Extended class, we will visit a prison, meet with several different law enforcement agencies and view several trials.
    Teacher: Adrienne LaLiberty
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education
    the body. Learnconcept of "doing it yourself" is not new, the major diseases associated"DIY" culture has exploded with different systems in the body(ex-diabetes) as well as genetic diseases(ex-sickle cell)development of social media. With sites like Pinterest and those that are contagious(ex-coldYouTube, DIY has become accessible to everyone by multi-step tuto have made DIY accessible to everyone. Throughout this course, we will investigate the DIY culture--what it means and how it became to be. Also, we will thoroughly determine whether DIY is cost effective and realistic: Is DIY the best route or flu)! Weshould I hire/call an expert? Additionally, we will also dabblebe putting DIY into someaction with projects that are guided by a mix of the possible treatments for diseases.student choice and feasibility.
    IMAGE MAKERS (Graphic Design & Photography)
    Teacher: Elisa Bond
    Credits offered: 2.0 elective
    Graphic Design and Photography impact us everyday.
    We are constantly bombarded with and average of 300-700 marketing messages each day, most based on images. From the morning newspaper and cereal box to the nightly news and Facebook, each us participates in a sophisticated process of reading images. But who are the makers of these powerful images that compel us to buy, alter our beliefs and shape our opinions of self?
    In Graphic Design & Photography we
    will also look at the forensic sidehistory of things by learning how medical examiners perform autopsiesimage making, the tools that people use to make and manipulate images and how autopsies can tell you the story of someone's life/death. Weethics behind branding and selling.
    The class
    will learn about rigor mortisfocus on graphic design (Adobe Photoshop), photography (cameras, photographic rules/techniques), and read the book Stiff: The Curious Lives of Cadavers by Mary Roach. Once a monthprinting/display formats. Questions we will learn aboutaddress are; “How do designers get ideas? “What makes a different career in medicine including, nursing(RNs, LPNs, nursing assistants), physicians assistant, doctor, lab technicians, medical examiners, pharmacy technicians, radiologist, physical therapists, etc.
    Get introduced
    good photograph?” And “What digital tools are most used to all ofdesign & create? ”Field trips will include the major organ systemsGeorge Eastman House & Museum, Memorial Art Gallery, Visual Studies Workshop and local guest speakers working in graphic design, photojournalism and fine art photography. Students will create and keep a visual journal/sketchbook. A student portfolio of the body. You'll learn some general anatomy (roadmapcompleted projects is required for your body),credit.
    Teacher: Ed Wilson
    Credits Earned: 2.0 elective
    Students will first have an introduction to the history of sports
    and competition from a historical perspective. We will investigate how the organs work(physiology)sports originated in certain countries. We will also examine how athletes as well as ordinary people can benefit from participating in sports and conditioning. There will be an introduction to keep you alive! Learnsports medicine. We will focus on how autopsiessports medicine helps athletes in the rehabilitation process, and how it could become a career. We will also examine how sports science can show some of these diseases orenhance training and physical fitness. Students will be required to start and keep a more sinister cause of death.
    log of physical activities and exercise to improve health and wellness.
    Food Loves Tech
    Teacher: Deb Rowe-Jarrett
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education
    the funniestonly thing people in the world obsess over more than technology is food.
    Technology is changing the way food is produced
    and most unusual books ofdistributed by farmers and food producers while also transforming the year....Gross, educational,way it's discovered and unexpectedly sidesplitting."―Entertainment Weekly
    Stiff is an oddly compelling, often hilarious exploration
    consumed by consumers. Meanwhile tech startups are bringing consumer-friendly technologies to many parts of the strange livesfood chain. Traditionally, the food industry has been fragmented, with many farmers, brands of our bodies postmortem. For two thousand years, cadavers―some willingly, some unwittingly―havefoods, consumer packaged goods, distributors and wholesalers, not to mention restaurants and retail stores. At the same time, there's been involvedan increasing interest among consumers in science's boldest stridesorganic, natural or local foods and weirdest undertakings. Inmore generally to know exactly where their food is coming from. Finally, food producers are also seeing new Internet-enabled technology tools to help them produce more efficiently and prosperously.
    Topics to be covered in
    this fascinating account, Mary Roach visitsExtended Class will include an introduction to: Farm-to-Table, Online Grocery Services, Organic Farming, Urban Gardens, Culinary Arts, Safety & Sanitation, Product Knowledge, Drones, and “Smart Farm” Systems. Everybody has a favorite food—but; do you know where it came from or how it got there?
    Crime Scene Investigation (Forensics)
    Teacher: Karen McCann
    Credits offered: 1.5 elective and .5 physical education
    This extended class will focus on learning
    the good deedsvarious aspects of cadavers overCrime Scene Investigation! We will learn the centuries and tellsbasic services provided by crime laboratories, the engrossing storyfunctions of our bodies when wethe forensic scientist, how they provide expert testimony, and how to approach a crime scene and collect evidence. We will learn how to collect and recognize fingerprints, how to examine blood spatter and evidence, compare hair and fiber collected to identify victims and perpetrators, compare type of firearms and analyze bullets and cartridges, drug and chemical analysis and learn how to determine time of death and possible causes of death as well as basic information on how autopsies are no longer with! We will also investigate the Body Farm where they do experiments on the dead to help real life cases! Be ready to think, perform hands on activities and simulations and become like sherlock jones or your favorite csi of your choice! We will read or take excerpts books like STIFF:THE CURIOUS LIVES OF CADAVERS(real life) and THE BONE COLLECTOR.(Fiction). We will visit a morgue and possibly a forensics lab!
    **Physical education credit within each extended class is subject to change.

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